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The Hotel is situated in the tourist capital of the Colca valley in the heart of the City of Chivay, where you can enjoy the beautiful Andean landscapes, while you can see the tourist cultural center (Colca Llacta) as well 10 minutes from the thermal baths (La Calera) and the great Inca bridge. For this reason our hotel becomes a strategic location for your visit and that you will have the services needed during your stay as well as: Store purchases, Market, Exchange House, Phone, Fax, Internet, Taxi, Courier, Tourist Information, Tourist Police, Craft, Restaurant. For subsequent visit to the great Colca Canyon and see the flight of the Condor, and also trained staff and a quality service and personal attention.


Dirección    : Av. Salaverry N° 307 – Chivay
Colca – Arequipa – Perú
Teléfonos   : (054)531111 – 531088
Fax             : (054)531111
RPM           : *570344
Página web : www.hotelcolcainn.com
E-mail        : reservas@hotelcolcainn.com
MSN          : hotelcolcainn@hotmail.com





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Teléfonos: 054-531111 / 531088 Fax: 054:531111

M 957849152 RPM *570344

Av. Salaverry N° 307 – Chivay

Colca – Arequipa – Perú